Friday, August 27, 2010

Love can touch us for one time and last for a lifetime.

It's 15 minutes to 3 o clock in the morning. And I've just finished watching Titanic for the first time in my life. Yes, I was (note the past tense) one of the so-called "losers" who never watched Titanic. (Yah, I watched Avatar so shut up).

It was one of the longest movies I've watched and not get bored for a single minute. It was roughly about 3 hours long. Man, it was such a sad show. Now I'm having a very uncomfortable feeling in my heart.

You know, like... a very heartbreaking feeling after finishing the show. I'm glad I watched it myself. Jack and Rose, their love was so short, yet so strong. How many could ever do that? How many could be so selfless, loving one another with all they are - even if it meant sacrificing their own lives? It made me think how weak love could be as time grows. It made me question how deep could a person's love ever be.

Including myself.

It makes me sad. And all of a sudden, everything else seemed like it doesn't matter anymore, nothing but love itself. Those stupid arguments, those petty things which mattered, those silly reasons for tearing. I guess, giving up shouldn't be such an easy thing to be said after all.

I think, I should just stick to comedies with stupid lines from now on.

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