Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I'm sick of all the insincere, so I'm gonna give all my secrets away.

Our Genting trip! All of us were so worried that we won't be able to wake up early morning that day. And well, we kinda erm, called each other up to make sure we weren't the only ones wearing sport shoes haha. (Sorry, we hardly wear them and it really does feel weird wearing them).

Our theory went something like this: We insisted on wearing shorts, so our legs would definitely be exposed to the cold. So we couldn't bear wearing sandals, we had to at least keep our toes warm. Lame, but yeah.

But it failed. Our (CM's and mine) toes were completely soaked after we went on this ride.

Apparently we were like two pink caterpillars wtf.

We were busy ducking from the splash, but little did we know that when the log thing tilted, the water accumulated inside it flooded our feet big time.

Waited for 45 minutes just for this ride due to some inconsiderate idiots who never thought for their own safety, ugh.

Oh, before we left for Genting and while waiting for our bus schedule (yes we decided to take the bus cuz I initially wanted to take the cable car) - wait, speaking of cable cars... Sigh. That was another failed story of mine. Yes, while waiting, we decided to grab some food and play what we always did best for the past few days/weeks.

See that scheming face of CM's?

Yeah, it was Monopoly Deal. The new game (relatively) which we all got addicted to.

My awesome hands.

You see that? Only one more effing card and I would have won the game. CM and I had a Deal Breaker each (there are only two in a deck. It's a card you use to steal your opponent's full set to complete your own set of cards), and we were both ALMOST winning. Or rather, we were just waiting for our turn to come so we could game. Till that bloody ccb bitch Smelly won without any power cards. Tantrum shit.

Us waiting in line for the Pirate Ship.

I so remember the crying girl hahaha! And Jia Xin you bitch. Your bag almost got all of us killed. I'll remember that for life.

While the two losers were waiting in line for their roller coaster ride.

Waited for half an hour and just a 30 seconds ride. Tsk tsk. Seriously, why is it still so crowded despite it being a freaking Monday?? Don't people have to work and go to school? Deng.

Oh yeah, my failed stories. My raison d'être (reason for being) for actually going all the way to Genting was completely defied. Firstly, I left KL, very looking forward to my cable car ride there. To my horror, the bus driver drove us all the way up and I later found out that the cable car was closed. Like, effing closed. Homaigod.

Then as we entered the theme park, there was a big fat sign saying that the swing ride was closed for the day. You know, the one which spins you around in a swing and goes crazy high just after the entrance? Yeah, that. So, what now? Only the carousel is available?? Sigh, why oh why must Genting do this to me?

Oh well, let's hope the satay celup shops won't decide to go on a holiday and the sky doesn't decide to rain while I'm walking around in Jonkers' Street next week in Malacca. Touchwood.


LeeSZ said...

wah, bila lu pegi? i jt went last week oh~

princessKamen said...

haha just went on Monday... you la, never come KL. don't like you already :(