Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You seem like the type to love em and leave em and disappear right after the song.

I have an impostor! Like, for real. And I'm not liking a single bit of it.

This, is the impostor's profile page on Facebook.

Bad enough to use my exact full name, the impostor decided to steal my picture AND use it as her/his display picture too. FML.

Just in case you people are wondering, this is my real profile page.

The real deal.

It's annoying the shit out of me and Facebook is doing nothing about it. How come they can close down Yagami-chan's page in 24 hours' time and not this!! Oh my god.

(If you do not know who Yagami-chan is and is very curious as to who she is, kindly Google. Good luck.)

And these are a few of the many comments from my very optimistic friends.


How nice of them to convince me into thinking on the bright side. And well, apparently some prefer the impostor. (Refer to Ching Mun's and Oscar's comments) FML x2

And when I told the Favourite J about this:

Me: Eh, I got impostorrr!!! T_____________T

J: Ya, I know. I saw.

Me: So annoying! How la.

J: You made the account yourself one is it? To convince yourself and make people think that there's someone out there who wants to impersonate you.

FML x3

So yeah, if any of you happen to fumble upon this page and is feeling kind, please do help me report the profile to Facebook. Appreciate it a lot. Thanksss :)

Speaking of the Favourite J, he's been such a bitch recently. He's been calling me just to laugh at me being stuck studying at home while he's partying his ass off every night for the past week. You watch out. This week, I'm back on the streak.

On another note, Malacca tomorrow! Hope it'll be a sunny day tomorrow! Stay tuned :)

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