Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I don't mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain.

I think I should sleep. The remaining hours that I get to sleep. Hmm, the last sentence sounded weird, as in, grammatically wrong. Oh well.

An early morning tomorrow. Oh speaking of which, Jia Xin and I were literally mindfucked to a very critical extent this evening. Our initial plan was to meet up with Ching Mun at Telawi for Tutti Frutti after our movie and dinner. Wait, before we move on, I think I need to rewind the story for a bit.

Right before our movie, Jia Xin was mentioning to me that today is the first day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar. (According to the lunar calendar, the seventh month is also known as the Ghost Festival where Hell's gates are open and the ghosts roam around the human world.) And this reminded me of what I read on my younger cousin's Facebook page when I was stalking looking around. Apparently, this year's festival is the "darkest" one in 60 years. As in, there would be more ghosts wandering around here and there? I have no idea but I think that's about it.

But yeah, it was enough to mindfuck the both of us already. So after our movie and during dinner, I randomly received a text from Smelly. He knew we were about to head to Bangsar and his text went about like this:

Usually you see people praying around Telawi along the roads, cuz it's like, the central for ghost area or something........

Hailat. Double the mindfucking. Cuz I suddenly remembered Ching Mun's post about how her maid told her that she could see "them" sucking food. Wtf. But yeah, we ended up canceling on her. And none of us dared to call her to tell her about us not going over anymore (plus the crappy reason why we're canceling on her...) AND we were convincing one another that she "will not be done with dinner yet anyway" when it was already 10.30pm.

Later on he told us that he was "just kidding" but oh well, the damage had been done. We usually aren't very superstitious people but well, as the saying goes: Better safe than sorry. So yeah, we'd take any steps of prevention, JUST IN CASE.

Yes, we're chickens like that. Sue us. T_______________________T


Sigh, got to sleep already. Long day tomorrow (technically today since it's past midnight). Good night peeps.


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