Thursday, August 12, 2010

All the things I knew right now, if only I knew back then.

Our long awaited Malacca trip!

Fortunately the weather yesterday was just nice. Not too hot (definitely not talking about temperature-wise) and it wasn't raining! What I meant by "not too hot" was that the sun was not glaring crazily down at us.

In the backseat with ChingMun

Why wasn't Jia Xin in the picture? She was busy camwhoring ALONE. Bloody vainpot.

Okay, a badly taken pic of us (after she was done taken vain pics of herself).

Can't blame me, the car was moving and thus the hand shaking!

Okay, a better shot.

Not long later, we reached Malacca. The journey there felt rather short. Or maybe, we were just talking too much haha. And that was how the theory of us three being like minions came out :(

All of us were pretty much starving. So our first stop was definitely FOOD! So we decided to drive to Jonker's Street for the famous chicken rice balls. We ordered roasted chicken, kampung chicken, roasted duck, siu yuk, otak-otak, rice balls and yam rice balls. Seriously, yam rice balls? Wtf. Sorry, I'm not exactly a yam lover.

Our fooooooddddd.

After our replenishing of energy, we went walking around Jonker's since we were there already. Actually, it was my first time walking around that street during the day time cuz for the past few times I've been there, it's during the times when the night market is open.

A rather scary picture hahaha.

Three of us in Jonker's. With the three keh leh feh's at the back.

The guys entered shops after shops and seriously, it felt more like they were shopping instead. Out of nowhere, Sean bought something which got all of us hyped up for a moment. You know, those things that comes in a small miniature tube? Then you squeeze them out, put it on a stick and when you blow, a bubble like balloon-ish thingy comes out?

Gah. It's so hard to explain it in words and as I remember, we never had a name for those things :(

There, those bubble like thingys. ChingMun looks so happy with them.

I doubt the younger people know about this cuz I think the kids nowadays hardly play with fun things like these anymore. Kids nowadays watch Hannah Montana and listen to Justin Bieber. Ugh.

We spent so long playing with that and Ching Mun failing badly in trying to blow one because everything she attempts to blow one, either one of the boys would smash it for her. Poor pepejal *inside joke*

Sei Jee King so tall I had to tip toe.

My victim while waiting for our durian cendol to come.

Ching Mun very happy with her durian cendol.

Then we drove back to Christ Church cuz Smelly said he wanted to look at reptiles. Those horrible shit which once again, scared the life out of me. You know, the huge yellow and white snake, the fatass python and the ugly iguana on the trishaw in front of the church? Yeah, those ugly things.

After that we walked to Menara Taming Sari. And that was how the story of Smelly having a pussy started... Sigh sounds obscene huh? Not.

Us persuading Smelly to the ride.

The boys in the ride going 33 floors upwards.

Jee King acting cool.

Wondering what everyone is looking at downwards??

Yeah, some pussy too small that we can't even see clearly.

A closer look at the pussy.

Yes, it was Aaron. He was the only one who didn't go on the ride for obvious reasons. After coming off the ride, we walked up the multiple staircases to Fort A Famosa.

On the way to the fort.

Spot me trying to seek some attention behind on the left haha.

Us three again :D

Act cute wtf.

Some gay action (look right) and some poser action (look middle).

By then it was already 5 something and we decided to head towards the Maritime Museum but unfortunately (fortunate for Jia Xin), it was closed already.

Failed notice outside the museum

So we decided to hunt for food again! Walked an effing far distance to Tan Kim Hock to buy food home and walked another crazy distance for satay celup.

Lost people.

All of us waiting by Tan Kim Hock while Jia Xin calls her long lost friend to find out where the famous satay celup shop is.

After a loooonnnng walk and complicated directions, we finally reached the shop. Just to find out that it was CLOSED FOR THE DAY. Damn. We gave up, walked to the car and decided to drive searching for satay celup instead.

While searching for satay celup. Pepejal quite cute here.

Finally, we reached another place, also famous for their satay celup's. I forgot the name of the place in English but I know it's called 万里香 in Chinese. It was freaking cheap. Like, RM 0.50 for one stick and some for RM 0.60?? Omfg cheap. We ate so much till we couldn't eat anymore and it only summed up to about RM 10 for each person inclusive of drinks.

And when I said we said so much, I literally meant, a lot.

Try counting the number of sticks and multiply it by 2.

This was just the left side of the tray cuz well, my camera screen cracked so I couldn't really see what I was snapping. So this failed picture of half a tray came out. So imagine this left side of the tray, plus a right side of the tray with equally as many sticks. All just for us girls (and Smelly took a few sticks). We came back with the tray and the guys were all in shock, saying we'll never finish it.

We proved them wrong of course :D

Yeap, so that was roughly how our Malacca trip went. It was ton loads of awesome funnn!! We definitely need another trip somewhere like that again, for sure :)

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