Monday, August 16, 2010

Would you swear that you'll always be mine?

Do you think it would work if I done this to my exam papers too?

Deng. Should have tried finding out what animal my Legal Practice lecturer likes. She was the hardest to please. But I have a feeling she would have written the same comment the teacher did in the picture above too :(

On another note, I have never gotten bored of this song. It's not a spanking new song. But yeah, it's a really nice song. By now, I'm pretty sure majority of the people already knows the lyrics to the song.

總是不安 只好強悍

It's not so easy to find someone whom you can click with
Especially after witnessing all the betrayal
All the insecurities, I could only take it in
Who killed the hopeless romantic in me?

不爱孤单, 一久也习惯

It's not easy to stay in love with just one special person
It might be both bad and good to stay realistic
Not liking the loneliness at all, but I will get used to it
Don't have to worry about anyone anymore
And we no longer have to control one another.


I don't want to have too much emotions,
On a weekend, I'd just like to turn off my phone,
And watch a movie alone with some wine,
Comfortably in my own couch.


It's not so easy to stay in love when
Everyone has their own temper.
When the age of daydreaming has passed,
We'd rather have a stable love than a memorable one.

曾经最掏心, 所以最开心

It's not so easy to catch happiness
That's why everyone is so fascinated about it.
That was when we were the happiest
and gave our everything for love
During the days of innocence.

想念最伤心, 但却最动心的

Missing someone is the most painful
But it is also most touching memory
you can ever have.

I personally like the lyrics a lot. The composer must have been very jaded in life already to be able to write something like this. The disappointment and giving up in this silly thing we call love.

Hope you guys (especially those who hasn't heard it yet) would enjoy it as much as I do. As for those who don't, well... too bad then I guess? :)

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