Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Break the curse.

No, it ain't happening anymore. Really.
I'm so sick of this, so damn sick of this.

It's always never good enough.

Not for the third time already.

And I definitely don't want history to repeat itself again.
When I once loved so much.

I don't know, but don't blame me if one day you turn around,
And I'm not there anymore.


Peiling said...

i knw i knw what happeeened!!!!heheeee.i like ur last sentence.bahahahaaa

Junk©Trash™ said...

-.- so bad...u told her and you don't tell me...cheh, haha, duno dat person anyway~XD

princessKamen said...

i told you la dearrrr. you were busy singing that morning :P