Monday, November 09, 2009

In your eyes I'd like to stay.

Super spontaneous trip to Genting. Yes, Genting. Like immediately right when lecture ended, we were bored and decided to get up there. Went home, changed, grabbed the camera and off we went.

Didn't take us long to reach, and believe it or not, it was my first time taking the cable car up to Genting (the very virgin-type first time was a few years ago when I had to take the cable car down to the bus station from Genting).

The weather was... rather dramatic. It was as if it was going through the time of the month, seriously. On our way up, it was raining and when we reached, it stopped. Then it started drizzling and stopped again. Then it started raining (again) and stopped (bloody hell again) and eventually started raining cats and dogs! It's really confusing. Cuz the rides won't be operating under the rain, so it's pretty annoying when you line up for the ride and when it's finally your turn, it starts to rain and you get turned away. Bloody shit.

But nevertheless, we still managed to catch a few rides that we wanted (fortunately) and had LOADS of fun. Well, some stupid things that you do really gives you lots of fun sometimes. Like, really.

I have a strong feeling, that this is -not- going to be our last visit there heheh :3

Yours truly.

When we were taking pictures, this person here wanted to scare us from behind and obviously I spotted him and ran for dear life while PL took the camera and went -that- close to snap a picture of the snake. Yes, it's a bloody real snake. I hate snakes.

Yea, I fled -that- far away.

In the teacup thingy.

I think this was during the pirate ship ride haha.

Look out for the video on Facebook, and check 1:02 till 1:10. It was bloody hilarious hahaha.

Greedy pig :P

Haha it was really foggy this afternoon that it felt like we were in dreamland wtf.

Under the shelter when it was raining.

Tryna be cool :P

The thing about this place is, it was the main entrance at Genting. You know, when you stand right in front of the automatic doors, the wind blows in right at your face and it feels so good even though it's so cold? Yea, we kinda did that *sheepish face*

Wakaka. We purposely did a pose like this to fit a picture inside hahaha. I feel so anal.

And that was our trip babeh :D

On an unrelated note, was reading PL's updated post today, and saw this. Damn, it did get me emofied for a bit over there indeed.

让她跌到, 让她哭泣, 让她一个人疗伤,

Who was it,
Who watched her fall, let her cry, let her get back up on her own,
And let her be so afraid of that path again?

那路就在面前, 她却不敢往前走

Another road is waiting up ahead, but she's too afraid
Afraid that she might fall again like she did.


And who was it,
Who turned such innocence
to a line which she's too afraid to cross?

Whoa, emo shit. You definitely need another of the same to understand such a feeling.



Peiling said...

Our trip was cool!!!!
oh i'm so proud of my first-mandarin-post in blogspot.hahaha

princessKamen said...

hahaha u should be. very nicely written :)