Friday, November 27, 2009

You know what we say, party everyday.

Or so I thought.

Shit. Land Law assignments. Goddamnit.

See, I've been slacking on my posts recently already and I've been so lazy to even think of something to blog about. So how can I come up with something to type into the empty document in front of me? All I see is the continuous blinking of the line thingy, laughing at my futile attempts to compose something out of nothingness. I'd be so amazed at myself if I can ever do it.

Maybe it's just my mind refusing to think. Refusing to comprehend a single shit of the never ending paragraphs. Or maybe it's just my hands refusing to lay themselves, caressing the smooth pages of my textbooks (Ya, I tried to make it sound more interesting). Someone take the Lost Symbol away from my hands and change it to Land textbooks, then maybe I'll consider.

I need an adrenaline rush. You know, the stuffs which might help in me creating some mess called bullshit, and hopefully I'll manage to pull my way through trying to convince my lecturer about my views on land registration. Honestly, I think two words are more than enough as opposed to the word limit allowed, rather than causing us the trouble to try to paraphrase passages/judgments, ripping that Thesaurus in our inner mind and all that beating around the bush crap. No comment. Short and simple, baby.

Screw it. I'm clicking the red x button. And rely on the phrase I've been telling myself: I'll try again tomorrow.

Yeah, wait till tomorrow is the 17th. And I'll watch how I die.


Peiling said...

hhahhaaa i'm same as u laaa!!!!Procastinanting my assignment like hell.lolz

princessKamen said...

at least u've started :((

Jan said...

think it this way, you finish it fast, you get to play fast :P

Peiling said...

=.="""" no i din start!!I studied the topic a little bit onli...=.=""""