Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy.

Had a casual dinner with some family and friends. It was a really enjoyable dinner, (though we were late), but I really had fun that day. We had lots of laughs and talked more than we ever did. Too bad time had to pass so quickly :(

The Cousin was there, of course. Haha bitch, I know you like this pic.

The sepets hahaha x)

Pictures will be uploaded on Facebook soon :-)

Ah, I've officially left the teens behind. Now where's my present? :P

Thanks to all those who texted/called to wish me that night. Hope I didn't miss out on anyone in replying! I'm really glad I received them from all those that mattered, none of them being missing. Okay I admit, I secretly removed the notification thing from Facebook where it'll remind all my friends about my birthday hahaha.

Thanks to you who called from UK, knowing that I miss you so much. Now, let's hope that my birthday present will not become a Valentines' Day present (knowing your speed). I really wished you were here that night :(

Thanks to you who came all the way to send me my pressie, I was really surprised. I'm sorry now that she wants to skin you already hahaha. (P.S. Holly will always love Gerry haha wtf)

Thanks to you who texted. A simple text, but it was more than enough. I really never expected it.

Thanks to you for the crazy surprise which almost gave me a heart attack. You're more than I can ask for.

P.S. Dear Cousin, I'm still waiting for my sheep. No thanks to you yet till I see my sheep :P

P.P.S Thanks for everything, really :3

I'm too lazy to type already. My show is waiting. Tata.



Peiling said...

oh oh oh...i saw the rosess.
and u said u hav more to tell me!!XD

princessKamen said...

hahaha shhhh :)