Monday, November 02, 2009

It's a state of bliss to think you're dreaming.

Could you tell me,

If I set foot into that deep abyss,

Would I fall hard and go back to what I have become,

Or would I find light in the darkness encapsulating me?

Could you give me an answer to that?

Sometimes, I feel like letting myself go, and just fall - a free fall.

But it hurts too much and I'm too afraid already.


Once again, I shall rid myself of this feeling. Cuz it won't work out.

I just know it won't.

I know this, I know this alphabet.
A little bit too well actually.
So before the borderlines are crossed
And before too little becomes too much
Let's just say goodbye.

Cuz I won't let it happen to me for the third time anymore.


Peiling said...

hmm i dont really get this.hahahhaa

princessKamen said...

i think i mentioned to you before...i think you'd still get the alphabet right though :P

Peiling said...

I din see any alphabet.But i am wondering was the alphabet we mentioned this morning..hmmmm

princessKamen said...

haha erm, same alphabet, diff person ;-)

Junk©Trash™ said...

same alphabet? == i'm not into this...
is this the person i'm thinking of? and the other one somewher else?

princessKamen said...

no. it's another person hahaha. this one less emo lol
how come all of you think it's the same person! :O