Monday, November 23, 2009

I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you.

So it was Alton's birthday on Saturday night. My first time to Rootz, this newly opened club at the highest floor in Lot 10. It was really packed, but fortunately we had the private room all to ourselves. Quite a decent place I guess.

Alton was pissed drunk that night (when is he not), and I doubt he remembers how he got home. Haha, bloody hilarious video of him posted on Facebook. Poor dude.

Haha Ralph's flaming which got him puking hahaha!

Napet. Who sleeps in the club :/


Ah, hot hunks in the girls toilet.

Dave was lining up halfway till they decided to change venue cuz the queue was too long :((

Jeremie :)

Julz cool haircut. Not exactly a haircut but yea...

Julz calls this ecstasy pose haha wtf.

Alcoholic in action!

The girlsssss, just a small bit of them haha.

The rest of the pictures will be uploaded on Facebook, as usual. So yea, that wrapped up the night. Guess I won't be partying anymore for some time (at least not as often as I did), and hopefully, it'll last :)

你的温柔如此靠近, 带走我的心跳.


Peiling said...

Not bad!!!better than my night in Genting aaah!!hahahahaa

princessKamen said...

hahahaha yes, i know how erm...lifeful (?) your life was in genting hahaha wtf.

Junk©Trash™ said...

yea...i just want to say:"SHIT YOU!!@@"
couldn't get into Rootz...damn sad...sumore i was all hyped up to go in, damn beautiful place by YTL, was telling Jayvian we should have our lawball there XD

princessKamen said...

haha i texted dave telling him to come early cuz the crowd will be freaking long... ahhh. i was so hyped up thinking i could meet u guys okayyy!! the place is pretty nice inside, especially the place where u get the chop from the bouncer. mirrors everywhere!!
and nah, i don't think it'll be a nice place for lawball...but if its the after party, then it's a different story ngek ngek :P

Jan said...

OMG~ i love your last quote~~~
It reminded me of the song, that i was humming for the last few days, but cannot remember what is the song!!!
omg omg i love you gal xD

princessKamen said...

the song is 心跳 by LeeHom babe :)