Friday, November 20, 2009

Cuz you're sweeter than apple pie.

Finally updated the pics on Facebook! Ugh. I procrastinated far too long. Assignments! They're coming after me soon, real soon. And I'm perpetually hungry nowadays. That's bad.

Haha, what a cute pic. Randomly found this online. Really cute :3


Damn. It's Friday again. I kinda have a love-hate relationship with Fridays now. I really dread Friday mornings now when I'm forced to climb out of my bed and resist the bloody temptation to fall back to sleep and drag my very reluctant self into class. But on another note, it's another weekend! Sigh. I think I'll be one of the happiest soul on Earth if we were to receive an e-mail saying class is cancelled tomorrow.

Class is gonna commence in 8 hours' time. This is annoying. As much as I despise attending 8am classes, it really leaves me with no choice. Looks like it's time for another Spot the Difference session again huh.

Quote Dave: Take Chinese newspapers. They seem to be a lot harder. Then we can kill more time.

Hahahaha he's always so sarcastic! x)


但愿是我想得太多 :)


Peiling said...

hahahahaaaaaaa.Indeed its true.I'll be screaming happily if i receive the notification email from Miss Nabilah..hahahhaaa

princessKamen said...

exactly. such bliss.
but i highly doubt so :(((