Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maybe, it was a glimpse of what heaven would look like.

Hmm, another spontaneous after class activity huh? It was one of the great singing session I've had with friends It's been so long since I've managed to sing like this with friends heh :D:D

In the toilet.

Apparently she complains that I text even in the toilet :/

We really should do this more often heheh. No, not the toilet. The singing, I mean.

我看透了他的心, 还有别人逗留的背影
我看到了他的心, 演的全是他和她的电影
他不爱我, 尽管如此,

再靠近一点点, 就让你牵手
再勇敢一点点, 我就跟你走
时间已经不多, 再下去只好只做朋友

再向前一点点, 我就会点头
再冲动一点点,, 我就不闪躲
不过三个字, 别犹豫这么久


Oh gosh, Pei Ling, yellow is ugly. I'll settle with peach :O


Peiling said...

lolzz..ok ok fine!!watever colour u like!!XD XD.i like the songs...hehheee

princessKamen said...

yeap, i like the songs too wahaha. but those videos... are definitely for our own private views only hahaha!

Junk©Trash™ said...

arghhhh...cnt even wait for me!!!!~##@@
u two. grrr...RAWR