Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just one night couldn't be so wrong.

Tonight was the first time I set foot on Banting (a town located near Klang) for some reasons. It wasn't a long ride, reached there in no time and met up with PL. We spent quite some time at Banting and I swear, that girl has no faith in that place despite being an inhabitant of the place herself. Hahaha wtf.

Yam cha-ed at Banting, still and left back for KL at around 11 something. A very, very spontaneous trip to catch a movie at MV (which later on failed cuz every show had already started when we got there). After leaving MV, we decided to get back into MV again for karaoke wtf. Try beating that kinda spontaneous.

With PL

The blurry picture that PL liked a lot x)

Scary how MV looks like at 1 am plus huh?

Wait till you see how it is at 3 am. Completely creepy. Yes, we left that late.

You're most probably one of the sweetest thing I've met.
But I can't accept a gift like that.
A gift like you.

All the pain held in your
hands are shaking cold,
Your hands are mine to hold.


Peiling said...

=.=""" sooo funnnn!!!!

princessKamen said...

ngek ngek. and u missed it :P

Junk©Trash™ said...

-.- shit. no me? grrr....

princessKamen said...

u mean karaoke? just two of us leh. peiling wasn't there too hahahaha :P
next time we MUST. with the entire class :D
ok, not entire, but erm, the usual gang :D:D