Saturday, November 21, 2009

Take the good, the bad, the happy and the sad.

It was another singing session immediately after class yesterday. I swear, we sang like nobody's business. Like, almost 6 hours I think wtf. Well, it kinda became a chatting session towards the end about the jerks in our lives. Yes, jerks. Oh well.

Anyway, thanks babe, for the sheep! Well, she saw my sheep and said it was too cute and lonely. So she decided to buy another one to keep it company. Sorry babe, they kinda parted again. Only the white one you bought is with me now heheh. The other one is well...somewhere else :)

Haha sorry, couldn't help it.

Lifeless girl who still goes on Facebook and blogs in the KTV :P

The pair of baby sheeps :)

I love my sheeps :3

Let's hope tonight's gonna be a good good night. It's been quite a while :D

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Peiling said...

ahhhhahahahaa!!omg omg.I knw where the other sheep goes d!!hmmm.../kaka