Sunday, November 01, 2009

Your hands are mine to hold.

Went for All American Rejects' concert at Bukit Jalil last night. A very spontaneous one actually. Didn't intend to go initially, but ended up going with the Cousin. Honestly, the only song which I can sing entirely was just Move Along hahaha! Thus explaining the desperate efforts that Adelin and I made to sing to the songs, which we knew nothing but the Chorus parts. Oh well, effort is good :3

Couldn't see much (due to the crazy crowd). So much for being short. Meh. And that top was the closest thing to Halloween that I have. Double meh. Oh well.

Also met Jia Xin there with her sweetheart. But I doubt she'd let me post that pic up so yea. I'll just mention her HAHAHA. It's been quite a while since we've met, despite the fact that we're in the same uni. I think the last time we met was during the picnic trip we had before Chingy left.

With the Cousin.

The Cousin and her friends - Bryce and Nick :-)

Adelin, Jo-Shua and Jamie.

It was supposedly a couple shot when Adelin insisted she wanted to be in the picture. Funny girl haha.

Dave and I were bored while waiting. Heh.

No, we weren't kicking any stranger x)

Adelin, my also-as-short partner :P

Cheater. Carried by Jin.

The Cousin again :3

The group of us!

(From left):

Amanda, Jamie, Jo-Shua, Dave and J.

T'was an enjoyable night when my legs felt so tired even though I was wearing flats heh. It was a good experience when the group of us uni mates come out for a concert and enjoy ourselves. We should do this more often, if we could :-)

And even when your hope is gone,
Move along, move along

Just to make it through.


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ngek ngek i know who was the one kena kicked!!!!

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