Sunday, April 04, 2010

So many reasons why.

This love, our love,
It's going amiss, and I'm straying.
Attracted by that tinge of thrill,
And the knowledge that we shouldn't be committing this sin,
Pursuing this little bit of sanctuary.

I'm your angel, you said.
But if it's the apple that we shouldn't be eating,
Then let us leave this Garden of Eden.
To a place where this profligacy is permitted.

When you're home, and when you're home
That's when apocalypse begins.
And when promiscuity is confused.

Love, if you're my poison,
Then let me be your kryptonite.
And this condemnable bond that we have,
We'll define it.

My infamous Secret Lover, you :)

P/S. How can you be my Chuck Bass when you don't like Blair Waldorf? :P


Edit: The Cousin is so cute. Just watch her complain lol.

There, this post, you're in here too :P

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