Thursday, April 15, 2010

Catch a bad chick by her toe.

Mysterious loser D sent this to me few days ago and claimed that he's the Mid-Center type, which I of course, argued against. As for me, I told him I was "too cool for school." Which he later said that I was more to the "Uncommitted" one. But this time, I didn't argue back. HAHA!

It's pretty sad when you're the one against the wall haha!

So which one are you? The teacher's pet wannabe maybe? :P

So during our Tort lecture today, I brought my laptop. Well, apparently it was to download the lecturer's notes online and refer during the lecture. Okay, I lied. I just brought it so I could Facebook :(

And this.

As much as he doesn't like it, I love that smile ♥ ♥

Forgot what nonsense we were talking about till we were laughing like that, but yeah. I remember laughing weirdly to my laptop in the middle of lectures -________-

And later, this happened.

Continued the session after I got home from class and well, I randomly saw Pringles around the table, so I randomly tried doing this. The Donald Duck thingy which I've always wanted to try. Well, it kinda failed. And if you noticed that at the end of the convo, I actually said "I feel so cute" wtf. Major fail. HAHAHA!

And he caught me doing it T______________T

No more boring lectures I guess :D

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