Sunday, April 04, 2010

Je veux ton amour.

A very small bit of the pictures I've promised to share during my waterfall trip to Sungai Chiling @Rawang on Friday.

Yeap, this was taken while jungle trekking.

Trust me, this path was considered good already. There were more horrible paths that we went through during the entire jungle trekking process.

The waterfall!

Nick, the only one who went near enough to the waterfall.

It was too deep (if Nick were to stand, the depth would be one head above him) :x

Desperately searching for coverage.

Failed mermaid wannabe.

Group picture! Without Jessica :(

Nick and I! I personally like this picture of us very much :)

Hiding under the shade :P

It was so cold we were literally freezing our asses off.

Nice huh? :)

Yeap, the rest of the pictures could be found on my Facebook album uploaded earlier this afternoon. And trust me, Subway has never tasted that good before.

No leech! Or rather, I wasn't attacked by a leech! Fortunately. And this reminded me of a rather stupid conversation I had with loser D. I was happily telling him about my failed encounter with leeches till he brought this up:

"If leeches could suck all your fats away instead of blood, would you still be so against them?"

"If they could, I'd be the first to put them all around my tummy and make sure they get fat. Who cares bout them being disgusting."

"You're sick."

Sue me, I'm a girl. That excuse/reasoning is as good as saying I'm Chuck Bass. It's perfectly valid. :D

Sometimes, it makes me wonder that
if we wanted to, if we really wanted to,

You and me could write a bad romance.

Just that we chose the contrary.


Sorry, colour coding for this one had been disabled due to obvious reasons.


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Fun times! :D xoxo!