Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now.

Yesterday, we decided to all go on a roadtrip to the beach in Port Dickson! So each of us pulled our asses off our beds way too early in the morning and met up near my place around 8 or 9 something for breakfast. Then, we left at 11am and about almost one hour later, we finally reached our destination.

In the car

The weather was great, too great in fact. The sun was so crazily hot during the afternoon. The day was awesome. With some booze, ice cream, some snacks and great company, anything would be extremely fun. And not forgetting the camwhoring of course!

While waiting for them to be done with their business in the car.


The woman's favourite picture of the day.

The beach!

You'll be surprised how high the tide could be later during the evening.

I like this shot :)

What are you boys checking out? :P

The Drama Queen.

Miki the oddball HAHA.

When everyone was sucking up to Aaron, for some reasons haha.

Us playing around the beach before ahem, getting intoxicated.

Ah, and then came the intoxication part. I swear, we were all gone for a (rather long) moment. Pei Ling was the first to pass out and the last to wake up HAHA! And Anthony, it was just epic. And I will NOT forget how Miki laughs when she's high HAHA.

Oh, and I remember making a stupid call all the way to NYC just to hear "Ok, I'm jealous" from the Secret Lover. That was the only part of the conversation which I vaguely remembered haha T________________T

PL passed out.

Ant... HAHAHA!

Sean and Imran, don't be deceived by their expressions.
They were far from sober :P

And we got bloody conned by the burger stall nearby. But damn, it tasted good for some reasons. We stayed there till sunset and it was about to rain already. Finally reached KL at about 11pm and we were all half dead already. It was a day well spent indeed. Definitely a day which will be stuck in my head for quite some time ;-)

Twilight, literally.

More pictures in Facebook. Way too much for me to upload on Blogger already.

Am currently very much sunburnt and tanned. If you look carefully, I now have a red patch right in the middle my nose. Sunblock didn't help. And I accidentally slept on my favourite pair of shades, and obviously they broke *goes into dramatic wailing mode* T___________T

Let's have more of this. Next week perhaps? :D


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