Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For Daniel.

Jon says (12:26 AM):
Love is a fairy tale, it doesn't exist. We're all just affected by the virus called emotions.

Jon says (12:26 AM):
you should quote me.

Hahaha stupid boy. Stop being emo and start your blog soon! Can't wait till you're home <3

Hmm, this reminds me, there was another quote from SK which kinda impressed me too:

Love is forever, only partners change."

Hmmmm. Back to assignments. Kill me. Mind the blog title, he complains he's never made any appearance on my blog.... so there. I make an exception this time :)


Junk©Trash™ said...

o.O dats a cool way of making ppl appear on ur blog...XD i should try that sometimes...;)

Peiling said...

hahahhaa...delia!!!!!!SK one is classic.

princessKamen said...

well, he was complaining on msn while i was thinking about a title for my post. no song was on loop, so i just decided to put that. since he's helped a lot and is pretty emo recently too haha :D

yeap, i really liked that one hahaha.

dlt2 said...

weh, jiwang sial

princessKamen said...

mana ada jiwang. jangan jeles :P