Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So take a look at me now.

Here's the New Year's post again. Was reading my post last year and well, I have no comment. Resolutions, resolutions. I had 4 resolutions last year:

1) Work hard for my Law degree.
Somehow, I find this very funny. I typed this before I even started Day 1 of my first year in uni. No wonder I was so... determined. Managed to pull through Year 1 and finally, now that I'm in my second year - I've lost all determination.

2) Be a better person - both mentally and physically. Call me shallow.
Hah. I've gained weight through the entire year. Nuff said.

3) Do something I've never did - something un-Kamenly. I haven't thought of any yet, but I will.
Done, and still doing.

4) The final one, I'll keep this to myself. It is yet the most important one, the only thing I really wanna strive badly besides my degree.
Forget it.

Huhu so much for resolutions huh? My resolutions this year? I'd rather not have resolutions :D

Recapping about my entire year... Hmmm...

Uni life started - the commencement of Year 1. Made a lot of new friends, was basically emo for the entire month due to what happened at the end of the previous year.

I remember our Orientation Night was during February, somewhere near Valentines' Day. That night was a lot of fun. I still remember we had a late night (kinda) mamak session after that. Really enjoyed that month a lot.

Shit happened. Extremely emofied. End of story.


Baby Flo finished her exams and we went playing here and there, literally. Drove to all sorts of places we could think of everyday in her white Myvi. Woke up, called one another (mostly it's me trying desperately to wake her up), got ready, played entire day, got home and rested for a while and we're out for the night again. Yes, those days were pretty much repetitive through these months.

Then, there was the Most Wanted ruumate competition, with events going on every once in a while. Made quite a few friends through that too. Oh, I remember there was this point of time somewhere during those months when I found out something totally heartbreaking too. Those were dark days indeed...

Baby Flo left. Chingy darling left. My loves left.


Hmmm, I'd rather keep this part to myself. Completely emofied.

My birthday!

We've made up our minds - December 12th it shall be :-)

So that wrapped up my entire year. Not much details, but yeah. Let's hope year 2010 would be a better year ahead :)

May all of you beloved readers have a good year ahead, and do enjoy your New Year's Eve celebration! Happy 2010 :D

P/S. Wished you were here. 4 more days, and you'll be home.


Peiling said...

Dec 12th??????hmmmmm i wan stories!!!lolz

princessKamen said...

two is better than one, december 12th.
i'm sure you can figure that out ;-)