Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You were everything, everything that I wanted.

Now that Land assignment is over, I am now free - for the time being at least, till the next assignment is due. Or until next year. (Technically, it's January next year). So, where's the party tomorrow night? :D

Every time I see Christmas decorations, I can't help but to feel a slight bit nostalgic. Especially those in Mid Valley - those big big trees, you once called it. And that is when I can't help but think of the could have been's. Of what might or might not have happened. Of the dream I had a year ago. Oh well, life goes on. I'll make sure I have a happy Christmas this year too. Not as, but still will be. I promise :)

Will be heading off to Singapore with the Cousin during Boxing Day. So how can I not have fun this year :D Ah, the sales... Takashimaya.... the escape from town. But before that, I really gotta get my passport renewed. It's a real pain in the ass I swear. I've been there twice, and left without it being renewed. Reason being that it was way too crowded that even if I were to wait the entire day there, it would still never be my turn. I'm resolute. Imma wake up early morning this Saturday and start lining up at 7am. If I still don't get it renewed, well.... FML.


而当我和走在一起, 总是如此的貌合神离.
太幸福, 很危险.
有时候, 也宁愿回到一个人的从前,
一个人的走, 一个人的哭, 一个人的笑.
如今想起来, 还有那么一点点的嫉妒

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Peiling said...

aiks...dats why i'm single./kaka