Friday, December 04, 2009

I picked the ripest one, I still got the seed.

我知道故事不会太曲折, 我总会遇见一个什么人

I know the story won't be too difficult,
I'll meet someone somewhere
Who'd be by my side in this life without him.

他做了他觉得对的选择, 我只好祝福他真的对了

He's made the decision which he thinks is right
And all I can do is to hope that it's really right.
I can't love the one I want to love so badly,
Now what else can I do?

我爱的人, 不是我的爱人
他真幸福, 幸福得真残忍

The one I love, is not my lover
Every part of his heart belongs to another.
He's so happy, too happy that it's too cruel.
How can his love be so deep?

A very nice song which I've never discovered till recently. Have always wanted to blog about it but have been procrastinating (as I always do), till now when I finally decided to post it up. Enjoy the song. It's really a good song :-)


Jan said...

This song so old jor worh~ anyway i had always like jordan chan's songs :P always feel his song so damn emo :P

princessKamen said...

yeap, very old song. but im lovin' it right now :)
fits me just right :D

Peiling said...

lolz...I knw this song and i knw how did u get to listen to this song too!! :P

princessKamen said...

yes. stupid song, stupid you.

Alici♥.v said...

I shall sing that song to you in the class :)

princessKamen said...

haha hope it doesnt rain then :P