Saturday, December 26, 2009

Maybe it's true.

Happy Boxing Day!

I'm home! And leaving again, for Singapore the day after tomorrow - returning on the 30th. Yeap, slightly just before the year comes to an end. And there's all those obligatory new year's post/resolutions etc etc. But those can wait. Because I'm too tired to write shit, so I'm basically just typing out anything that pops into my head right now.

This Christmas was slightly different. A quiet and serene Christmas. Spent it over a drinking session with Mom and some friends and late night yam cha - all of these away from town. Well, Christmas was suppose to be that way I guess :/

In the hotel, preparing to go out.

The bar/pub we were at.

With Mom :)

The trip was a pretty much enjoyable one - minus the horrible traffic jams on the roads. It was worse than those we have in KL. And by the way, I had the best otak-otak ever yesterday, courtesy of a friend. Frankly, I'm never an otak-otak person. I was never a fan of those and in fact, I never touch those. But yesterday, I was introduced to the best otak-otak you can ever find. Too bad a friend bought it all the way from Muar. I want moreeeee :(

More pictures on Facebook, as usual. ;-)

Now it's time to unpack, and pack for Singpapore. Couz, we're hitting the roads soon :D

And they say, two is better than one.
I never knew that all along,
Till we finally realised how very much we were attached to one another.

Nobody else would know me as much as you do.

So maybe it's true, that two is better than one.


Peiling said...

two is always better than one!!!but get the right one....hehehhe enjoy ur trip to Spore.. :DD

princessKamen said...

hehe thanks babe. will do so. and i'm sure i got the right one this time so yea, two is definitely better than one <3