Sunday, December 20, 2009

You can't make it feel right when you know that it's wrong.

Finally, updates! Poppy night with Mia and PL. Finally got to meet Shryne and Victoria there, after hearing bout them for some time x)

PL babe :D

Well, we were bored. So we did our usual thing :P

Victoria, the sexy babe :D

Then it was ice skating with the two babes the day after (Mia went shopping while we skated). We didn't slip and fall!

The most decent pic of the day.

Then it was Rock Band after that! (A just insisted that it's called Rock Band rather than Band Heroes so yea heheh). Who's up for another round this time? :P

Finally today, it was Avatar! It was a good show. I didn't expect it to be something I'd enjoy watching, really. Ended up being quite interested during the movie. Hmmm...


See the heart shape? <3

I'm so tired. My eyelids are literally stuck together soon. Nights :)


Peiling said...

ahhh i like the first photo!!!!!
hahaha i think i look pretty in there.bleaks :P

princessKamen said...

you look pretty in all photos okay babe. wait till i upload them on FB ;-)