Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Nobody wanna see us together.

- but it don't matter, cuz I've got you.

Today was one of the greatest day I've had with friends. It's been a long long while since baby has left :((

Left for class at 11.30am today and attended the lecture from 12-2pm. We (Delia, Pei Ling, Mia and I) immediately left for Neway @ss17, Subang Jaya to sing. Sang all the way till 7pm. This is the funniest part. They dropped me home and 5 minutes later (before I could even enter the lift), they called asking if I'd fancy a trip to the pasar malam tonight. Well, you guessed it. I said yes.

So they made a turn and picked me up again -_________-

Delia! We finally managed to have fun together already!!

The Vietnamese goat refused to take the picture with us so yeah.

(Mind the goat part, it's an inside joke teehee)

And I finally reached home nearing 11pm. Seriously, this is pretty exhausting. And I feel a sore throat coming ugh.

What assignments? :P


Peiling said...

Lolz.....this lmao.And u've forgotten the 'lame joke'.Btw it's land assignment my dear.hahahaaa

princessKamen said...

i know... i was trying to forget about it :((