Tuesday, December 01, 2009

You know that I'll be your paparazzi.

Made a trip to Genting yesterday. Didn't manage to enter the outdoor theme park the previous time we went, so we made sure we managed to get in this time. It was pretty crowded (despite being a Monday) and then only I realised that the school kids are already on holidays (lucky them) :(

I personally like this pic very much :)

My camera decided to die on me when I was there (Okay, I forgot to charge it the night before). So yea, had to resort to using my phone camera the entire time there.

"Eh stopppp. Stand there. I wanna take picture."

"Wtf. How many do you wanna take? You camwhore."

Ah, I forgot. That was something he didn't know :P

Was reading Delia's post about Twilight in her blog a while ago, and I can't agree more with her dissatisfaction during the movie. No, the problem isn't the movie. And it ain't kids either. Just... those distractions during the movie.

It's bloody annoying. So bloody annoying.

Was watching the movie with A when the idiot (yes, a complete idiot who's most probably high on something) next to him started being so annoying. He just had to gasp randomly and go "Oh my goddddd" every time something happens. Besides, he makes comments during the show. Seriously, nobody really cares about what you think - but it's bloody annoying.

The worst part was the ending scene, where Edward asked, "Bella, would you marry me?" And it ends after Bella gasps. Thing is, that bloody idiot just had to make a very (and I mean, very) dramatic gasp immediately after Edward said that, which means before Bella gasps. Like wtf?

I really felt like annoying the shit out of him, but I realised he was beyond annoying. Oh well.

I guess Twilight's the movie where there are so many different distractions. Sigh.

Oh oh! And I got a very unexpected text today.

Guess who's back!

And the reply?

My beloved donkey!

Yes, she just arrived <3

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