Thursday, December 24, 2009

To you, Santa.

I've just realised recently, that a year has passed us by so quickly. I think this would be more appropriate to be written on New Year's Eve but I think Christmas will mean more to me. And by a year, I'm sure some would know what I mean.

A year - many have changed since a year ago. I've lost quite some stuffs through this one year (and have definitely gained too!) One thing I've definitely gained? Weight. Lots of them. Bloody annoying.

Christmas, a season I've always loved. The Christmas (or rather, Christmas Eve) I had last year, I'll never forget it. One very worth remembering. When quite some memorable stuffs happened, to me at least :)

Merry Christmas :)

Let's hope Christmas this year would be fun too... even though both my loves are away and none of them are here to celebrate it with me (one in Manchester and another in Australia) :(

Well, I'm pretty sure the long planned escapade to Singapore post Christmas would definitely be fun :D

It's Christmas Eve yo! What are you doing being home? :P

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