Thursday, December 31, 2009

Maybe it's true, I can't live without you.

What better way to end this year's post than to blog about my trip to Singapore with the Cousin! We left KL on the 27th and came back on the 30th. Well, we didn't visit any tourist attraction places, all we did was to shop, shop and shop. (The Cousin claimed that Orchard Road could be considered as a tourist attraction).

Seriously, I've never walked that much before in my entire life. For 4 consecutive days, we walked like dogs. And our sole method of transport was the bus. Oh oh and it seemed more like a durian trip hahaha. We had durian pancakes every day when we were there! How orgasmic. The ride home was great too. We had very comfortable seats and spent our time sleeping and watching 40 year old virgin. Before we knew it, we reached KL :O

T'was a very very enjoyable trip. Our accomplishment? We went with just one bag and came home with 3 heavy bags each. We almost had to drag it home. Oh, and I had an empty wallet :D

Orchard Road!

Domo kun :D

Erm, some figurines (?) along Orchard Road.

Greedy bitch :P

Day 2

The sole reason why there weren't any much pictures on Day 2 was cuz we shopped like mad. The entire Victoria Street was... orgasmic. So many to choose, so many to buy. We went crazy and completely forgot about the gadget called camera.

Day 3!

Sigh, the Cousin bought some lame Carebear and that explains the reason why it appeared in almost every picture. She was so happy cuz it constantly annoyed me.


Orgasmic lor bak kuey in Chinatown. I swear, this was the best I've ever had!

Psst. I'm so sure you're gonna like this.

Day 4.

Waiting for time to pass at Novena Square.

Seriously, we bought loads of stuffs. Useless ones or not. Cuz they were bloody cheap. Yes, we did our conversion and it's still bloody cheap. Well, a very very enjoyable trip when all emo stories were out of our minds and all we did was to enjoy life (despite the fact that there is this thing about SG which completely annoys the shit out of us).

Our lame jokes, stupid flamingo in the bus, Miley Cyrus, tragedies, funny things we did while waiting, the random arguments we had when we have nothing better to do than to argue with each other, oh and the establishment of our future company (wtf). Yes, we're that weird. Sue us.

We should really have another trip somewhere next year, Bangkok this time! (We'll definitely come back dragging our bags this time).

More pictures to be uploaded soon on Facebook.

Happy New Year people!! Have a very enjoyable New Year's Eve night alright?


My last post of the year :-)

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