Wednesday, September 09, 2009

At least, you've taught me something.

I love this song, my new favourite.

But I can't seem to download it :((

Edit: I've managed to download it already. Thanks you.

Fell in love with the lyrics when I read it and the song is pretty catchy :-)

もう二度と・・・ by BENI
(Mou Nido To - Never Again (?))

出会って 信じて 好きになり過ぎて
苦しくて ああ、いつも泣いてた
ただ待ち続けて さよなら言えなくて
もう二度と・・・ あの日々に帰れない

I met you, trusted you, and fell too deeply in love with you
It hurts so bad, I was always crying
All I can do is to wait, I can never say goodbye
Never again... We can never return to those days anymore.

She has another version sang with a guy, titled もう一度 (Just one more time). Interesting, hmmm.

And on a very very unrelated note, you disappoint me. I don't wish to mention names here and maybe, I really shouldn't bother. Since you never really bothered about what I thought was our friendship.

And you know what? Those who you said you'll never be like, they're all greater than you are.

But it's okay. Today, someone told me something which pretty much made a lot of sense when I was talking to him about it. People change, and things change. And perhaps, you really meant it when you said it that moment. Well, just that it doesn't necessarily mean the same anymore. So right now, it doesn't really matter already on what happened. I'll settle with this, that some friends are just not mine to keep :-)

I really enjoyed those days though, the lame things we used to talk whole night about and how you could read me like a book that it's freaky. Goodbye now :-)


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