Monday, September 07, 2009

Apparently, there's a trend I shouldn't follow.

Had lunch (kinda) with Chingy today after her PP (Pharmacy Practice) Exam. This paper has driven her crazy (not like she wasn't already). She talks to herself, does math to herself and snips her own hair during 3 am. Eccentric. Due to that, she was in a desperate state to fix her hair. Sigh. Pathetic things we talk about whenever we're together :-x

Oh oh! Today, we were in Chili's having some drinks when the person came and asked if he could check our I/C's due to the age restriction rule thingy (No smoking and drinking for those below the age of 18). Should we be happy that we look young (we ARE young!) or be sad that we look like kids? We even have our license dude. FML.

She seems so happy here.

Haha she'd kill me if I were to post a pic with her face!

Yea, compulsive camwhore :P

Saw this on Kiwiboy's blog post, and decided to steal it. Yea, I cheated. I ran out of things to blog about. Sue me. Well, he did end the post with "What do you like" right :P

It's not exactly a meme, but oh well, I'll just steal the entire template. I'm too lazy.

What I like/love & What makes me smile: (in no particular order)

  • I love sleeves, definitely. (Yea, I know it's in no particular order but, they're sleeves! Sleeves enjoy special privilege wtf).
  • I love hugs. Those real sincere ones where you get pulled in tightly. (But it's kinda weird when it's girls cuz you know, your boobs kinda get into the way...)
  • I like texting the person I like. Yea, who doesn't. Else, I really hate texting or talking on the phone.
  • I like listening to conversations between kids. It's often hilarious.
  • When my Cousin and I get so engaged into a conversation with our grandmother just to find out that she was talking bout a completely different thing. That makes me smile, she's just so cute.
  • I like to wake up wrapped up by the special someone next to me, asleep. That expression is priceless, cuz they don't even know you're looking, and they're still holding you tight. Sigh. It's been quite a while since...
  • I love it when someone pops Chingy's bubble.
  • I like it when people think I can't speak/understand Chinese and they start conversing in Chinese in front of me. *smug face*
  • It's orgasmic when I suddenly feel that I look as if I lost weight.
  • I secretly like to watch people chat online (those that I know la) and they do not know that I'm watching.
    E.g. multiple comments on FB status.

  • I love it when I'm preparing for the next day's class and someone tells me it's a public holiday (which I did not know of).
  • Seeing a guy eat with proper table manners. I don't know why but I'm pretty bothered with how people eat.
  • When babies/kids secretly throws something into the trolley when their parents are not looking.
  • I like letting people think I don't know something (that they do not want people to know about), when in fact I do.
  • I love it when I receive jigsaw puzzles as gifts.
  • Sleeves are the best. Shit, did I mention that already?
  • I secretly like looking at the sky. (Shut up, this is not weird)

Shit, this is hard. I give up. I'll most prolly end up revealing weird randoms about myself if I continue :x

So what do you like? :D


Jan said...

hmm, i like sleeveless shirts =D
It's like an addiction xD

princessKamen said...

omg, sleeves rocks! they're like the best.
it's like an addiction too hahaha <3

Junk©Trash™ said...

my top favourites~~
When babies/kids secretly throws something into the trolley when their parents are not looking.
I like listening to conversations between kids. It's often hilarious.

princessKamen said...

haha really funny right? especially when they come up with funny plans which a grown up, would know that it's a fail plan hahaha

Junk©Trash™ said...

yea, was in ktm today when two kids stated smackin each other, the girl pat her bro hand, her bro pat her back, den she beh song, smack his beg, den he smack her back, den she whack his head, den he whack her back, typical scene, and she pretend to cry. lols, dad comes in tells him to say sorry, he says sorry, she smiles, then they start all over again. *clap clap clap* kids...*rolls my eyes...