Thursday, September 03, 2009

Silence Is Golden, Sometimes.

Ah, I never knew I could use this again - 不说不代表不懂. Sometimes, things not mentioned never meant that they were never seen or known of. A very, very simple logic.


Finally managed to watch the infamous Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past. Everyone has been telling me about how good it was and all but honestly, I really thought it to be a very typical chick flick. Well, turned out it was a lil bit more than that ;-) The show kinda reminded me of someone I know, somehow, in some ways. It kinda got me emo for a bit when the movie ended and got me thinking back for a short while till the feeling completely went away when we walked into the next movie 15 minutes later - The Proposal.

I know, it's all a bit late but yea... that was another enjoyable movie. Had its funny scenes and a few good laughs. (Psst, I kinda think Chingy would love Ramone wtf.) Oh, and Final Destination 4 kinda sucked. Or maybe I had my expectations held too high :-x

Oh well, I saw this picture on Sharon's blog and decided to steal it and share it here heheh.

This, is actually pretty true you know.

Sigh. I'm dreading Saturday, really.

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