Monday, September 28, 2009

I never said I was loyal.

Remember the post on Chace Crawford a few days ago? Chingy, I think I'll give him to you. I'm happy with Chuck now. Go, go... Take Nate as much as you want now :P

I love his quote in Season 1 of Gossip Girls when they were all confronting Serena. It's bloody classic.

Blair: What could be that bad? I've slept with Chuck in his limousine.

Chuck: Many times.

Nate: Yea, I've had sex with Serena during the wedding when Blair was my date... Once.

*everyone remained silent and looked at Chuck, expecting for something more scandalous*

Chuck: Well, I'm Chuck Bass.

Hahaha, that was so epic. Okay, you really gotta watch the series to understand it, but the brief picture is that Serena and Blair are best friends and Nate have been childhood sweethearts with Blair. As for Chuck, he was the womanizer.

Oh, did I say that his voice is so damn sexy? I love his voice. Oh oh, and his British accent! It's beyond sexy. He doesn't really have it in the series, but during those interviews behind the scenes... omfg.


Sexy smexy. Ed Westwick, Ching Mun! Take that :D


Jan said...

Okay deal, you take chuck i take nate... i like nate, i am in the 4th ep only though, maybe i might dislike nate later.. but i like him now.. and dan too.. dan is cute.. =X oh wait i will have them both and you take chuck =D

princessKamen said...

hahaha aite, i'll settle with chuck. i love chuck. he's so sexy. shit, i gotta stop.
nate is really cute in the beginning, but as you watch... he becomes a man whore. so yea...
omg, dan?? lonely boy hahaha. nah, i dont like him.

CHUCK!! <3