Saturday, September 26, 2009

遗憾 ・遗失

Sometimes, it really baffles me and makes me think.

How deeply in love someone could ever be to be acting like this?

The many types of loves I've felt and seen in a short night, not involving myself of course.

And all caused a rather painful feeling in my heart - maybe cuz I helplessly let them do so.

The first one especially, the ironic love - it never fails to make me feel like shit. Ultimately shitty. The all time question: 就那么喜欢吗?No, the question was never posed to myself. Clear enough who it's directed to, no?

Those why's and if only's which I'll most probably won't bother anymore.

The second one, the perfect love - merely got me envious and happy at the same time.

回憶不再受制於我 我承認


Crystal said...

hey pretty lady, love always feel like a battlefield??? chill yea. :) see u soon.

Peiling said...

so long never seen emo post.nvm la.emo sometimes is healthy.hahaa..

princessKamen said...

there isn't a battlefield for me to start with haha
yeaps, see u real soon ;-)

yeaps. it shall be ur turn soon :P
this one not exactly emo la... should be alright hahaha