Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Very Much That I Want To Ask.

I was looking at the many folders of pictures in my laptop. Some made me smile, some made me nostalgic, and some gave a sour feeling to my heart. Many many pictures, different ones with different people, each writing a different chapter in my life.

How funny it is just looking at the pictures. I have this very bad habit. I tend to think of the time when the picture was taken and whatever we (the people in the picture and I) were doing at that point of time, or whatever kind of proximity we were at.

Some people remain exactly the same. We're still standing at the same point, doing the same things, talking about the same jokes we once made. Some have became closer as we've developed a greater bond as friends. And sadly, there's always some who's drifted away. It upsets me when I see pictures of myself and the people whom I used to be so close to, and now we're just a line above strangers. Or in a state where I can't find a word to define such relationship. And inevitably there's always those very favourite pictures I used to like so much and could never bring myself to delete them, if you know what I mean.

Those smiles, they were all so genuine.

What happened to them now?

Or maybe it's just the dysfunctional illusion which pictures always tend to give. The fact that we were all happy. Oh, how upsetting would it be if it were to be true.

I'm so thankful that I still have those who could still smile the same smile and take those pictures with me, never changing a bit.


peiling said...

Same smile!!hehheheheh.See u next week!!woohooo

princessKamen said...

yes babyyy!! hopefully it's for more than a week!

peiling said...

Yo!!Must be more than that!!!!I will pray soooooo hard to keep u as my classmate again!!!!!and mia too!!hehehhe