Tuesday, September 22, 2009

you know you love me, xoxo.

wtf. hahaha never mind if you don't get the joke of the title.

Okay, I know the previous post was one of those cheating updates which I sometimes post. Well, this will somehow become another one I guess. *shifty eyes*

Yes, I've been staying at home and finished two series of dramas already. And now I'm resuming on my Gossip Girl, finally (which I have stopped earlier due to exams) :D

And every time this hunk appears, he never fails to mesmerize me: Chace Crawford.

Sleeves! Omfg, it's sleeves!


No wonder he looked so awfully familiar. He was the one who appeared in the video of Leona Lewis' song - I Will Be. I really should blog about something else more interesting than this. I've been cheating for two days already haha.

Okay, back to my show :D

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