Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where is the moment we needed the most?

There's some things that doesn't need to be mentioned or said in words.

Cuz you'll always know, love.

I realise that I do not put those very very deep emotions I have in my heart into my blog posts. Yes, most of them I do. But not those that I'd like to keep them deep inside, for myself and I. Cuz it's just best to let people think of anything they'd wish to think.

And it's always those which matters the most that I keep deep inside.

Cuz they'll always know when I'm missing them so badly. Cuz they'll always know that I love them still. Cuz they'll always know that they have my heart with them. Cuz they'll always know that I can never be angry at them no matter what.

I'm sure there's always people in your lives who are so close to you that you can tell them everything (including the most ridiculous secrets ever), and there's always those that you can never erase off your mind even if you don't talk to them for ages, no?

Tonight is such a happy night.

And last but not least, (I'll do this 15 minutes ahead okay)

Happy Birthday Ching Mun!

Yes dear, you're one of the very few of course, without doubts. Enjoy your 20th okay? Don't freeze your ass off over there (you still have your long johns!). Missing you loads.

You're a grown up chipmunk now, so behave yourself. Don't go around biting or hitting people already :D

Oh, and Merry Christmas! I made this a yearly thing to wish you Merry Christmas without fail during your birthday. And I'm sure you'd know why haha!



peiling said...

How's Flo's life there??!!Have she met Jedx over there??!!!!

princessKamen said...

nope, not yet i guess.
all she does there is to eat, sleep and shop haha