Tuesday, September 01, 2009

无论现在几点, 回忆的片段最美

Have been terribly sick for the past few days. Or rather, feeling very unwell. Slept for 34 hours in two days and ate nothing. Something must be terribly wrong cuz firstly, I don't sleep that much usually and it's just not me to not eat, really.

Went to Petrosains (I hate the spelling) with the Cousin last Saturday. Yes, Petrosains. Erm, let's just say we're young at heart :-D

Her new found friend.

A pretty chau tut picture of us. But yea, we didn't have many pics together. It's either me snapping her or her snapping me. Oh well.

Try guessing whether this is me or her.

Cousin: Where you.

Me: Fasterrrr. It's pretty high up here.

Cousin: Where youuuuuu.

We're both acrophobic -_________-

Yeap, that was our day. Lots of random pics and apparently, lots of games amuse her. There were a hell lot of stuffs inside. And yea, we both got freaked out during the ride to enter the place. It was bloody dark and freaky.

Oh, and they give free drinks and curry puffs. Since when were they so generous? Are the elections coming or something? Hmmmm.

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