Friday, September 18, 2009

When Goodbye Seems To Be The Hardest Thing To Say.

Had a mini farewell and surprise birthday for Chingy last Wednesday over at Finnegan's @ Bangsar. The birthday thing was really last minute when I texted Sharon.

"Her birthday is exactly next week. She'll be lonely in Scotland. Let's celebrate it for her too."

Hahaha! And so we did. Ended up being treated a Blowjob by the manager :D

@ Finnegan's

Melted cake.

Went in (we were sitting outside) after blowing the candles and cutting the cake for the Blowjob. She took too long (she's pretty bad at it) and hence explained the melted cake.

The Blowjob I was talking about :D

What did you think it was? You dirty minded person. There's even a video on it uploaded on Facebook :D

The girls :)

Ivy, Jin, Sharon and Chingy

Then we adjourned to Telawi Street Bistro opposite for the stupid vodka shots. It was the worst alcohol I've ever had, like seriously. Apparently, Chingy first gave us a choice: Snake, Wasabi or Chili Padi (mixed with the vodka shots) and she then withdrew the Snake choice. Bitch.

The chili padi shot was horrible. Made me tear immediately after taking it. My throat and lips were practically burning. Worst thing ever. That woman cheekily took Lychee for herself, which we later found out. She ended up downing the chili padi shot :D

The girls again :3

With Sharon baby

Ronn!! Poor boy.

"Talk too much. DRINK."

"Ask stupid question. DRINK."

"Make stupid move. Penalty. DRINK."


*inside joke*

Yes, the horrible shots.

Very, very forceful smiles hahaha.

And finally, group pic! :D

Then, Aaron and I went to send Flo off in KLIA the next night. A series of rather unfortunate events happened but yea, it ended up alright :)

In the KLIA Transit

I miss youuu!!! :(

The Lovers :)


Finally, today. The very anticipated outing with the Cousin today. We've been planning this way before her exam already and man, it had been really long since I've been this full. We first had lunch at Zanmai, Pyramid and she ordered like a monster. Apparently, she thought she had a huge appetite cuz we were both starving already.

Then later, we drove to the opposite side and settled for buffet steamboat as dinner. Woa, they really meant buffet when they said buffet. They had almost everything, from scallops to crabs to clams (cockles, mussels, all those kinda related stuffs) to ice cream!

Plus, it was pouring heavily. What's better than to have steamboat during a heavy rain? :D

The Cousin grabbing food like nobody's business.

It's almost bigger than her face wtf.


Very, very tiring but satisfying day :)

Will miss you guys much. Days will definitely be so different without you two. Do take good care of yourselves. Chingy, FFS please learn to cook your Maggi! :P

Love you guys much.



peiling said...

wow did u cry??Hmm jedx is leaving on Sunday!!I gottta send him at airport and there is another one fren leaving the day after jedx.OMG i dont wanna cry at airport.So embarassing.haha

princessKamen said...

nope, im a strong soul hahaha wtf.
yea i know, couldn't make it for his dinner that day :(
haha imagine pei ling wailing in the airport :PP

Jan said...

So that's the chilli padi shot that you were talking about.. :D

princessKamen said...

totally horrible. never ever try it, unless u want a burning throat :D