Saturday, September 26, 2009

I wonder what Sleeping Beauty dreams about...

that she refuses to wake up all the while. It must have been something beautiful.

Dreams, those things which we'll hardly remember the minute we wake up. Those vivid random images which we'll never understand. And sometimes, it might come in a flow - like a storyline. And there's always those that we'll remember so clearly as if it has happened in real life.

Today, I had one of those dreams. It was such a beautiful dream. It was the best dream I've ever had. I was so happy in my dream.

It was such a beautiful dream that I woke up to find myself sobbing pathetically.
It was such a beautiful dream that I thought to myself, if I were to continue the dream - I wouldn't mind not waking up at all.
It was such a beautiful dream that I got confused the moment I woke up; I even checked my phone, foolishly hoping that it was true even though the phone had nothing to do with my dream.
It was such a beautiful dream that it was delusional because it felt so real.

But it was just a dream, which means that I had to wake up eventually. Worst still, a loud ring of a mobile phone from somewhere outside the room ruptured the storyline which seemed so fragile - and it vanished away like smoke in the air.

I thought it would be okay if I ignored it long enough. If I ignored it completely, pretending it doesn't hurt and it doesn't matter, maybe it would slowly dissolve into the pool of forgotten memories. When they eventually became blurry, I thought I was getting good at this. I thought everything would appear as if it's eventually fallen into place even if it's as out of place as it always was. I thought that was the thing which people always told me, the thing which I thought was called moving on. Oh, I'm so sick of those words. As if I've never heard enough.

It was just a trick I've managed to pull, to fool the mind. To fool everyone. To fool myself.

Let's not try anymore. Cuz it's just so dysfunctional no matter how hard I try. Things bring you so high up there, just so that you could fall harder the next moment when you least expect it. Even in your dreams. They make you feel so real; just so that you'd wake up to find that it was just a dream and nothing else, just so that you'd wake up knowing that it was just a dream - and will only be a dream.

Let's not try anymore. Cuz I find myself waking up in tears after a stupid dream I had.

So pathetic.

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Peiling said...

I feel it.hehehehe