Sunday, September 06, 2009

I don't know why I feel so high, I'm not supposed to.

This is so cute haha

On an unrelated note, Chingy randomly pm-ed me online:

`//¤»Chingy«¤- said (12:29 AM):
u became a sheep ah

.....heart, kamen ❤ said (12:29 AM):
*why so ironic. im uploading a picture of sheep in my blog

`//¤»Chingy«¤- said (12:30 AM):
it's a sign
*i thnk uve gone mad
*i was just thinking of like
*maybe u were a sheep in ur past life

.....heart, kamen ❤ said (12:32 AM):
*wtf why

`//¤»Chingy«¤- said (12:32 AM):
*it just came to my mind

She's weird. It's confirmed. Must be the PP exam tomorrow. Good luck love. I'll see you tomorrow <3


Oh yeah, to you:

Thank you. Be my future barrister okay?
No, you can't charge.


And the usual you,

Isn't this beautiful? :-)


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