Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Party Like A Rockstar, Play Like An All Star.

And so it was Daniel's birthday! Celebrated (or rather partied) at Opium, Jaya One. Well, what do you expect when there's a big big crowd, lots of alcohol and a birthday boy? :D

Peanut, the birthday boy.

Peanut and Julz, before they went crazy :P

Everybody loves Joshua.

Pretty Elena, Marc and Joshua

With Angeline <3

Jonny, Angeline and Elena

The dudes, well... part of them hahaha

Suzanna, Marc, Joshua, Jonny, Angeline and Elena

The rest were busy dancing or drinking, so of course we camwhored! Camera died on me towards the end of the night. Oh well, Facebook Facebook :D

Don't ask where the birthday boy was, he was too busy getting drunk :P

Oh, oh! And Kamen loves her hairband :3

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