Wednesday, September 02, 2009

and me you.

It's been quite a while since I've felt this way. Till I saw a very random something, which so ironically reminded me of... I don't know, you maybe?


One year. 365 days. Many things would have changed, many new friendships would have been established. It's freaky how time pass by so quickly this time. Too quickly actually.

Today, people in class were pretty hyped up about the entrance exam thingy for the preparation classes on Saturday. It was then when it hit me, it's been a year already. So soon huh. A year since I first walked in and gave you the ガキ impression, and a year since I had the noisy gaijin impression of you haha.

I'm sorry, but I'm still amazed by how fast one year passed us by hehe :x

Come to think of it, lots of stuffs have happened. Like, a lot. Ain't a long period of time, but it definitely isn't a short one either. I sometimes wonder, how would things be if everything that happened a year ago never happened? Would it still be the same? Or would I rather have those things never happened. Nah, I'd hate myself if it never happened. Cuz I'd miss out on so much if it didn't :-)

And on another point, in this one year, lots of shit (bad and good shit) have been happening to the people I know, or rather - to those that I'm extremely close to. Skip Flo, the only shit that happens to her is when the Boyfriend doesn't wake up :-/

First, it's you. It's been a year, since that bastard caused you so much pain and sorrow. Screw him. He'll eventually grow fungus. And during this one year, you've found new sarang, just to find that it's another rotten one. With horribly bad eyesight. Yes, we were just bitching about it the entire afternoon today in that pathetic conversation we had. Erm, okay I don't know why it's just so dysfunctional but... yea, it'll eventually work out, somehow... one way or another :-/

Then you. You've been heartbroken and waited long enough, almost a year if I'm not mistaken, for your (half) Jap boy. And finally, you guys mended the broken pieces and decided to start anew. Appreciate this chance you have together, cuz not everyone would have that same chance that you guys did, so cherish it dear. We know you loved him most :-)

And finally, you. Perhaps I can use back the same words to you. Do not screw up this chance again anymore. We were just talking about how fast time pass us by lol. I don't know why, it just pleases me somehow, when people patch things up with their ex's and watch them walk hand in hand again. Sometimes, it really makes me wonder how they do it cuz it all seem so easy :x

Oh, and to make things more depressing, I wasn't this fat 365 days ago! I was at least, decent. I didn't have a face as round as the full moon. I didn't have arms as fat as this. I didn't have to worry if I'd look fat in anything that I could just grab anything and wear it out.

Damn. I swear, this is the most depressing thing in the past one year (okay, not exactly). What did I do to get myself like this. It must be the cheese. Definitely. Bad cheese.

You know what, love? I think the only thing we've got ourselves through the one year, are very dysfunctional relationships and lots of additional fats. Hah, enjoy the cheese in Scotland! I'm sure they have better cheese there than Malaysia! Wahahaha <3

So what happened in your one year?

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