Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cuz he says I have chronic amnesia.

And I was kinda convinced about it actually, bitch.

So today, I was talking to the mysterious one on MSN and I don't know how we suddenly came to this topic. I swear, it's always some retarded talk, it's confirmed.

.....heart, kamen ❤ says (6:45 PM):
*i think im so used to forgetting things when im talking to you that now rite, i constantly feel as if i have smtg to tell you but forgot

Mr.D says (6:45 PM):
*which is exactly why yr kamen liew

.....heart, kamen ❤ says (6:46 PM):
*noooo. it doesnt happen -that- often when im talking to other ppl
*must be ur face

Mr.D says (6:46 PM):
*my face is nowhere near you
*dont blame me

.....heart, kamen ❤ says (6:46 PM):
*thats why it has a problem

WAHAHAHAHA. Okay, I don't know why but I started laughing to myself when I typed this. It was like the best char moment I've ever had in ages!

No, don't pity him. I'm always the bullied one, no doubt about it.

Psst. OMG, there's the time stamps! Okay, I got kinda excited about it when I first used it. See, I told you it's retarded. Must be his fault.


dlt2 said...


princessKamen said...

daisyyyyyyy :P

Huai Bin said...

The ending credits notchet scroll up huh? How to watch new movie liddat? ;)

princessKamen said...

haha no ending credits. this is more like a commercial break hahaha