Friday, July 31, 2009

Where The Beginning Ends, And The End Begins.

MWR (Most Wanted ruumate) Finale finally went on yesterday. The event was organised at Loft @Heritage Row and started around 8 something. Well, the finalists had to be there at 2 pm already! It was a closed event (invitations only) this time and there was free flow through the night (well, it ran out towards the end hehe).

Overall, it was a fun night. Congrats to those who won and a a bunch of thanks to those who came xx.

Yes, picture time!

Kiwi, getting her hair done.

On a very unrelated note, is it just me, or is it that the guy in red looks a hell lot like the singer JJ Lin?

John! Quite unexpected that we had quite a few mutual friends.
Sigh, small small world indeed.

John, Kiwi, Pearlyn.
Us having our dinner/lunch before the event started

Pearlyn and Derek

Funny how Pearlyn seems to know Ron too :O

Neil, one of Jonny's Irish friends :)

Amanda and Kingston
I don't know what we were doing, but yeah.

Jonny and Flo
Sigh, she's leaving soon :(

Wait, they're both leaving soon :((



Camwhoring :D

Yea, I'm light. Stfu.

Camwhoring, again :P

He's getting bitchier, I don't know why :P


Joey G and the lads :)

Okay, mind the excitement teehee

With Naomi

Yep, so that wrapped up the entire competition that had been running for almost 2 months now. A very big thank you to those who had been voting and supporting. Come to think of it, time really flies. It felt like we (the finalists) had just met each other at the rooftop of P1's headquarters yesterday and started mingling around. Then we got to know each other more and had lots of fun together in this period of time. And now, it's the end. Hope you guys had as much fun as I did throughout the journey, you bunch of awesome people. We'll always be the very first most wanteds :D

Finally, it's over.

Here's the complete album of the night :-)

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