Thursday, July 23, 2009

And no one knows, why I'm into you.

Who said words would be essential when there's a song like this?

, 你还在想着他吗

It's late at night and you're still not sleeping,
Are you still thinking of him?
Aren't you tired being like this?
Knowing that he won't even come to comfort you.


You just wanted to love someone with your heart
But he'll never give you a 100
He'll never feel the pain
for the sacrifices you made

算了吧, 就这样忘了吧
该放就放, 再想也没有用
傻傻等待 他也不会回来

Forget it, just forget it
Let go when you should, there's no point thinking anymore
Waiting like a fool, he'll never come back
It's about time to think for yourself.


I can't wait till exams are over. I can already see myself somewhere (in a place which is yet to be decided) enjoying with Flo in our shades, maybe having some drinks - no, not beer... maybe cocktails, snapping pictures here and there, and maybe laugh our heads off at her reckless driving before she leaves for UK. Sigh, it's nice to dream haha.

And catch up with those leaving. Yes you, Chingy. You're always too busy for me - biatch and you're just leaving a day before Flo. Sigh, that's like getting dumped two days in a row. Damnit.

And Jon too (yes I mean you - the one who always has those one-fine-days. Not mr. grey). Betrayer. You should know why already. You're leaving earlier than them. So better make this one fine day an existing day, bitch. You still owe me lame jokes by the way. I still remember Ikano wtf :P

Oh, then there's results. Now that's screwed up, so let's put that matter aside first. I'm freaked out enough about my exams already, let alone the results. Jeez, this matter is really disturbing me.

I can't bloody wait.

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