Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh dream maker, you heartbreaker.

Heard Audrey Hepburn sing Moon River, man she's beautiful. I could spend all night googling/you-tubing about her (well, that was what I did last time). Okay, that's bloody random.

Suddenly got reminded of this song when I was talking to Benson (a.k.a Hon Sen) one day. tried listening to it, and voila! Got hooked up to it in no time. I wasn't really a big fan of this song previously, but the lyrics are pretty sad, like seriously.



If breaking up is the starting point of all these pain
Then I'm willing to love again before the ending point

The love that I wanted to tell but couldn't,

Would someone be able to understand it?



I'll daze a little and forget about you
And then close my eyes

Thinking that someone will replace you someday
So that I won't miss you anymore.

How's that for being emo huh? :P
Well, it's Jay's song... what's new.

The most surprising thing is, I didn't get very much emo while listening to the song. Damn, I'm good :D

Oh god. I got bored and now I'm watching magic shows online. Wtf. Yea, you're right. I've been stuck for an hour already goddamnit. Oh well, the magician's kinda cute anyway, in his shades and his tricks are amazing. He's a mix of Japanese, French and American - Cyril Takayama. Teehee. Oh oh, and his Japanese is perfect! :D

Thanks a lot.
Sarcasm intended.


peiling said...

The "Dman, i'm good" need to speak in Bumble bee's way.Haha.

princessKamen said...

you'd do it best :P