Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heartbreaker, You've Got The Best Of Me.

Had been listening to this song recently. Not exactly such a new song but yea, it'll do.

Heartbreaker by Will.I.Am

Had a busy busy day yesterday. Mooting it was early in the morning, and I won my case :D

Yes, your future lawyers :D

Then it was lunch with Huai Bin over at Mid Valley. He's the most spontaneous person I've ever known, I swear.

And also one who's most prone to getting into an accident ><

Later on at night, it was Episodic: High School Murder Mystery at Aaliyah, Bukit Damansara. It's kinda like a themed party where everyone dresses up as a high school personality. Anything could be a murder weapon, and the murderer could be anyone.

Had some drinks, camwhored a bit and met some new people :-)

Kingston, the Geeky Nerd :D

Mel, the hot policewoman.

Andy, the Photographer :D

Yours truly, the student.

Left: The Investigator.
Right: Michael Jackson

Don't ask me why MJ's in school ,but yea.

Andy and I then left for Phuture @Zouk later on. Gosh, the crowd there was insane. There wasn't even space to stand, let alone dance.

But there was space to camwhore! :3

Can't really see the crowd from here though.

And that was my night.

Was dead tired the moment I got home and my legs were aching terribly, considering the fact that I've been walking around in heels from morning till the next morning (technically).

Yes study, I know.

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